How to modify Clutch QR Codes

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1. Click the Account menu, and select settings in the dropdown menu.

2. In the settings menu, select Clutches and scroll down to view your options.

From this menu you can toggle the items you want on the clutch labels, simple tick on the items you need, and untick those you don't.

This information shown on the labels is as listed on the show clutch menu, and can be edited through the add or edit clutch menu.

You can also edit the standard incubation period for egg-laying reptiles, or gestation period for live-bearing by typing in the number in the due date period cell. This will automatically calculate the due date when registering a clutch.

The standard due date period filled in only applies if the due date period is blank for the mother of the clutch, as explained in the add or edit reptile menu guide.

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