​You start here


​How To Start Using Reptile Scan

Start Here:

1: - Download the APP.

Download the Reptile Scan APP - from the APP Store or Google Play here is the link:

iPhone / iPad - To Download - CLICK HERE!

Android - To Download - CLICK HERE!

2: - Create you Account.​

When you have downloaded the app - you need to create one account - you do this with your email address and a password. The Email address will be the one you what to use for the Reptile Scan.

You make the registration via the APP.

- Press Register

- Type in your Email (this will be your user email on reptile scan)

- Type in a password.

- Press Register

- Registration is completed

- Press OK - or close the App.

- Go to www.ReptileScan.com

You Start Here​

3: - Log In to the Web APP


When you have made the registration - you go to www.ReptileScan.com and find the LogIn page.

Here you login with your email address and your password.

When you have logged in - you need to select your time zone - this is only done the first time.

- Type in your User Email and Password

- Pres Accept - Terms and Conditions (Only the first time you login)

- Select your time zone and pres Update - (Only the first time you login)

- You are now ready to Create your first reptile. (Pres the small "+" left to "#ID")​

​4: - Create your Racks and Reptiles.​

Now you are ready to start creating your Reptiles and Racks / Cages.​

5: - Create your Racks / Cages / Groups of Snakes.

If you start to create your Racks / Gages - then you have this ready when you Create your reptiles - so you can chose what Rack / Cages your snake live in. (Rack / Cages - can also be a "Group" of animals - you want to be able to feed / make actions - in one time - by only scanning one QR Code)

How to Create your Racks / Cages / Group:

- You chose Racks/Cages in the top menu.

- You tap the small "+" in left top corner.

- In the "New Rack" menu - you create your Racks / Cages / Groups of snakes.

- ID# is the name you later will find in the system.​

​6: - Create Your R​eptiles.

​Now you can Create the Reptiles.

How to Create your Reptiles:

- You chose Reptiles in the top menu.

- You tap the small "+" in left top corner.

- In the "New Reptile" menu - you create your New Reptile.

- ID# is the name you later will find in the system.

- Under Rack / Cages you can now chose the Rack above as you just have created.

- If you have many of the same Species - you can Clone (Copy) a reptile by using the "Clone feature" - you find this under "Action"

​On PRO Version you get Pictures

​7: - Print of QR Codes.

Print out QR Codes - to start using the Reptile Scan - for tracking of your reptiles.

- Press Show on the reptile you like to print the QR Code

- Press QR Code.

- Now you will get a PDF file with the QR Code as you can print on your printer.

- When you have printed the QR Code you are ready to use the APP for tracking your animals.

- Please note if you have many Snakes you need to print QR codes - you can do them all in one time. See below.

​If you have many snakes to print out QR codes you can do it under "Reptiles" 

- Pick QR Codes - Will create the QR Codes Side by Side on a A4.
- Pick QR Codes Label printer - Will create the QR Codes 1 by 1 so you can print them on a label printer.

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