Show reptile

Clicking the button or when updating a reptile by adding or editing a reptile, through the Reptiles menu, the information on the reptile will be shown.


General information





​1. Actions

The Actions button contains several features to manage your reptiles. The features are detailed below.





QR Code (N)

QR Code (L)

EXPO Label

Sales Card

Opens the edit reptile menu.​

​This opens the add reptile menu, with all information cloned from the relevant reptile. This does not include trackings and pictures.

Creates a PDF file for download with all information and trackings on the reptile.

​This creates a file, containing all information and trackings, which can be imported by an other user, through the Import/Export menu. This means you can send a buyer all information regarding the reptile quick and easy.

​Creates a PDF file with a normal sized QR code (55x20mm) and general information for the reptile.

​Creates a PDF file with a large sized QR code (85x55mm) and general information for the reptile.

​Creates a PDF file containing an EXPO label, with general information and sales relevant information, such as CITES appendix, for the reptile.

​Creates a PDF file containing a sales card, with general information regarding the reptile, and your contact information, to follow a reptile when sold.

2. General information

This field contains general information regarding the reptile.

The information is taken from the add or edit a reptile menu, and can be edited through the menu. The weight however is displayed as the last tracked weight for the reptile.

3. Trackings

​The tracking field sorts all your trackings in several expandable rows.

For each row you have the option to expand , and show all trackings of its kind, or register a new action .

The action registration menu varies depending on the type of action, but the form is generally the same:

Date: This prompts the interactive calendar, pick the appropriate date of the action.

Name: Pick the action from the dropdown menu. ​

​Then follows a variety of additional fields depending on the action. These are similar to those explained in the app guide.

4. Clutches

The clutches field shows any clutches the reptile has either laid or sired.

Clicking the #ID of the clutch will open the show clutch menu.

You can edit or delete the clutches through the clutches menu.

5. Images

​The image field lets you switch between profile images or delete images of the reptile. The profile image is displayed on sales cards, next to the ID on the my reptile menu on the app and for pro members on the reptile list.

You can add up to 5 images of the reptile through the edit reptile menu or add or take images on the app through the identify menu.

6. Statistics

The statistics field gives a graphical view of the growth of the reptile using your trackings.

There are 3 charts, weight, length and feedings. The use of these charts is explained here.

​The statistics field is a PRO member feature only.

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