Add or edit a reptile

​When adding or editing a reptile, through the Reptiles menu, you have a wide variety of information fields to fill out. The fields are detailed below.

Firstly, there are 2 tabs to choose from, information and status. The first containing general information, and the latter the status; reserved, for sale, show on market, sold or dead. Use of both tabs is detailed below.


From this tab you fill in or change information regarding the reptile. The information is used for a variety of things, such as the show reptile menu, QR labels and sales cards.

​When adding a reptile the only requirement is to fill in an unused #ID.

We do however recommend you fill in as many fields as possible. The fields are explained below.


Reptile category


Species name

Scientific name

Common name





Weight progress



Feeding type

Adult size



Breeder email



Clutch ID




License number

Chip number

Species number


Father photo


Mother photo


Feeding interval

Due date period

Tube/Box No


Sales card comment

The identifier or name of the reptile.

PRO users can, if they've created reptile categories through the settings menu, pick a category which will automatically assign a due date. Further more it allows for further sorting of the reptile list. Refer here for an in depth guide. 

​The sex of the animal, you have the choice between male, female or unknown.

The species of reptile, for example Pythonidae or Agamidae.

The scientific name of the reptile, such as, Python regius or Morelia spilota spilota.

The common name for the reptile, for the above that would be ballpython or diamondpython

This prompts an interactive calender, pick an appropriate date on this.

The morphology of reptile; this could be morphs such as pastel, piebald or localities as biak or wamena.

Tick if the reptile is venomous.

Fill in the weight of the reptile. The weight is registered as a numerical number and not with units, this means you can use whichever unit you prefer, pound, stone, kilogram, gram, etc., you should however always use the same unit when registering the weight of a reptile.

​This allows you to set the reptile as either losing weight, minus weight or gaining weight, plus weight.

​Country/area of origin for the species.

Details of the feeding habits of the reptile can be detailed here. This does not limit your options when tracking a feed on the app or website.

Pick a preferred feeding type from the dropdown menu, or type it in the food option above.

This is the estimated length of an adult reptile of the species.

Type in the natural habitat of the reptile, such as desert or rainforest.

Name of breeder of the reptile.

The breeder's email, for later reference.

Tick either WC (wildcaught) or CB (captivebred).

Fill in which CITES appendix the reptiles belong to.

Fill in your or the breeder's ID for the clutch.

Upload images of the reptile. The first uploaded image of the reptile will act as profile image, you can change it through the reptile edit menu.

Fill in the price of the reptile. This only registers numerical values.

Fill in any nicknames you may have for the reptile.

If the reptile has a license number, fill it in here.

If your reptile is chipped fill in the chip number here.

​If you have a number system applied for your species, fill it in here.

The dropdown menu contains your reptiles, choose the father from the list, or fill it in, in the next field.

Upload a photo of the father.

The dropdown menu contains your reptiles, choose the motherfrom the list, or fill it in, in the next field.

Upload a photo of the mother.

If you've created the rack or cage in the Racks/cage menu, choose it in the dropdown menu.

​Fill in how often the reptile should be fed, if the interval is exceeded the reptile will appear on the Needs Feed list on the app and the sorted reptile list.

​Fill in the expected period (in days) from the reptile lays a clutch untill it should hatch. PRO users can leave this blank if they've set a Clutch Due Date Period through the clutches section of the settings menu or by selecting a category for the reptile as explained here.

If you have a numbered rack system fill in the number of the box here.

Type in any note you have about the reptile.

This is for typing any information you want on the sales card, such as "Aggressive" or "Bad shedder".


​From the status tab you can set your reptiles status, as reserved, sold or dead.

The status differs when adding or editing the reptile, when editing you have a several additional fields to fill out. This is pictured below.

​Status menu when adding a reptile.

Simply switch from No to Yes when choosing the status of the reptile. Clicking Sales date will prompt the interactive calendar.

Status menu when editing a reptile.

There are additional fields for reserved reptiles.

Simply switch from No to Yes when changing the status of the reptile.

You have to follow options in the menu:


For sale

Show on market



When a reptile is listed as reserved if you can more easily find it by either sorting the reptile list by reserved, or searching for reserved reptiles, this is explained for the website here and the app here. Furthermore you can add information regarding the potential buyer when editing the reptile.

Listing a reptile as for sale allows for sorting and searching as above, but also places a dollar sign, $, next to the reptile on the reptile list. Futhermore it is required for the reptile to be listed on the Reptile Scan market.

​This, along with For sale must be set to Yes for the reptile to show on the Reptile Scan market, we have a guide for the market here.

​This will remove the reptile from the active reptile list. It is not sufficient to remove it from the market, one of the two above options must be set to No.

​This is similar to the Sold option, except it is a different search and sorting category on the reptile list.

If you ever find yourself needing to reverse a status change, follow these steps:

  • Find the reptile by sorting the reptile list by sold or dead, as explained on the Reptiles menu guide.
  • Click the edit button, and enter the status tab
  • Change the relevant status from Yes to No.

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