The Racks/Cages reports menu is placed on the navigation bar on the top of the website.

Through this menu you can add your cages and racks to your database. Afterwards you can add your reptiles to the racks or cages, making you able to make bulk registrations, meaning you can register actions for all reptiles in the cage or rack in one action. Bulk registration is explained here.


Adding a rack or cage

Rack/cage list

1. Labels

​This feature creates pdf files for download containing labels for your racks. The pdf files are in an A4 format.

The pdf files contain labels for all your racks, the labels each have a QR code and general information about the rack. The information can be edited as explained in 3. Managing your racks.

The QR codes are used for simple registration of actions for all reptiles in the rack, for more information refer to the ACTIONS menu.

2. Adding a rack or cage

​To begin adding a rack to your database click the button.

​In the add you have the following menu:





Tube/Box count

This dropdown menu contains racks and cages typically used by our users.

Type in a descriptive for the rack. A unique ID is not required, by recommended.

The type of rack or cage is typed in here, such as Herptek or LP Racks "LP3"

The size of the rack or cage, for example HTB060 or V35 ​ or just the dimensions of the rack or cage.

None of the fields are mandatory, we however recommend you fill in as many fields as possible.

3. Managing your racks

​Your racks are listed on the rack/cage list. There is general information and options to show, edit and delete for each individual rack or cage. The functions of the options is detailed below.


The show menu is accessed using  the button. The menu shows the information regarding the rack or cage and also contains an actions menu, .

The actions menu is a dropdown menu, with the options to edit the rack and generate a label. The edit option opens the Edit menu, which is detailed below. The label option generates a pdf file with a label for the specific rack, the pdf file is in an 60x30 mm format, for use with both label or ordinary printer.


The edit menu is accessed using the button. The edit options contains the same fields as the adding menu, described in  2. Adding a rack or cage, and is simply using to change the original information typed in when adding the rack or cage.


​The delete button, ,deletes the rack or cage and all information regarding it from the database.

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