The Clutches menu is placed on the navigation bar on the top of the website. The clutches menu is used to register and edit your clutches or convert them to reptiles.




Adding a clutch

Clutch list

1. Labels

​This feature creates pdf files for download. Simply click one of the buttons, save the pdf file on your computer and print as you normally would.

The pdf file includes QR codes, for scanning with the app, and basic information about the clutch.

The clutch label fields and the clutch due date period can be edited through the settings menu. The clutch due date period is the expected periode, in days, from laid date till clutch date.

The labels generated include all reptiles currently active in the clutch list. Which will include all clutches unless the search feature has been used. Searching is explained in the next section.

2. Search

The search option lets you limit the clutches shown on the clutches list.

The search feature has 2 search criteria. First criterion is chosen from the drop down menu, which contains the following options:

  • ID
  • Due date
  • Mother
  • Father

Secondly type in a search term, both partial and complete matches will be listed. 

3. Sorting

You can use this feature to sort your clutches, you switch between the two option by clicking either. This is detailed below

Before hatch date

All clutches which have not marked as hatched, are on this list.

After hatch date

All clutches which have been marked as hatched, either through the my clutches menu on the app or the edit a clutch menu, are on the list.

4. Adding a clutch

​To begin adding a clutch to your database click the button.

You can now fill in information regarding the clutch. The only requirement to start tracking is filling in a clutch type and count. We do however recommend you fill in as many fields as possible.

For an explanation of the fields go to the Add or edit a clutch menu.

5. Clutch list

​The clutch list shows general information about the clutches and has several buttons to manage it.


​This creates a pdf file for download, containing a label with a QR code and general information for the clutch. The information fields on the label can be edited in the settings menu.


​This creates a pdf file for download, containing a label with a QR code and general information for the mother of the cluch. 


​This opens a menu to convert the clutch to reptiles, it is similar to the  add or edit reptile menu, however it has few additional features.

  • The ID#  chosen will have a suffix, a number following the ID, counting upwards for each reptile hatched in the clutch. For a clutch of 2eggs, 1 male and 1 female, with an ID chosen as "BP-Jan-2015" it will work out as below:
  • It is required to fill in the number of hatched or born reptiles, there are 3 fields, Males, Females and Unknown sex. The sum of the 3 fields can not exceed the count of the clutch.


This opens the show clutch menu.


​This opens the edit clutch menu.


​This button deletes the clutch and all information regarding it from the database.

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