​The settings menu is placed in the Account dropdown menu. The menu is used to set a variety of settings to your preferences, such as date format, information on the Reptile list, automatically generated IDs and the available actions when registering activities.

Date and currency format

​This is a simple but important menu, used for switching between typically used currency and date formats. The currency format is used on the Reptile Scan Market, while the date format is applied to all dates on the websites and the app.

Currency format

There are a wide array of currency to choose from. Choose the relevant currency to you, and click update.

The default currency is USD, if left unaltered.

​Date format

There are 2 date formats to choose from:

  • dd-mm-yy

  • mm/dd/yy

The above is composed of d - day, m - month and y - year.

Tick on your preferred date format and click update.


​Using the actions menu you can limit or add to the options you have when registering actions, both on the website and app.

Add new actions

This is a PRO only feature, go here for the guide.

Feeding weights

​The feeding weights are used in feeding reports. Feeding reports keep track of your food usage, in number and weight. As such you need to define the weight relevant to the size of the food, chosen when registering a feed.

You have 10 sizes at your disposal; S, M, L, XL, Pinkie, Crawler, Fuzzy, Weaned, Pup and Jumbo.

You can use whichever weight unit you prefer; such as kilograms, grams, ounces and pounds. As long as you are consistent in use of the unit.

Simply fill in an appropriate weight for each size and click update at the bottom of the page.


Reptile Scan comes with a variety of registration actions. Naturally not all these actions fit your needs, therefore you can deactive and reactivate actions to suit your needs.

The actions are divided into categories, which relate to the menus on the app; Cleaning and QUICK CLEAN, Feeding and QUICK FEEDING and so forth, all are included in the ACTIONS menu.

You simply untick the unwanted actions, and click update. The action will no longer appear when registering an action, on the app or the website.

Below is an example of this, and the result on the QUICK CLEAN menu on the app.

The actions options. Notice this is with "Spot Cleaning" unticked.

The QUICK CLEAN menu before unticking and updating "Spot Cleaning"

The QUICK CLEAN menu after unticking "Spot Cleaning"

You will also find a ​icon next to the actions and categories. This feature will delete all registrations, for all reptiles, related to this action or category. This can not be undone.


This feature can automatically generate IDs for reptile when adding them to the database through the website.

To activate this feature tick on the Assign ID# automatically box and type in an ID# prefix.

The ID# prefix you've typed in, will now be automatically inserted, along with a running number starting at 1 going upwards, if you've left the ID field blank when adding a reptile to your database.

An example is shown below.

An ID# prefix is chosen, we've chosen "LP-2015-"

A reptile is added to the database

An ID is automatically given the reptile, as this is the second reptile with an automatic ID, it has the running number 2.


​The Reptile list is located in the Reptiles menu.

​To make the Reptile list more manageable it is divided into several pages when you exceed a set number of rows. You can set the max number of rows you want per page to either 25, 50, 100 or 200. Below is an example of a Reptile list with a limit af 25 rows.

For each reptile general information is shown, through this menu you can decide what general information you want shown. You have the following options:

  • ID#
  • Sex
  • Born (Date of birth)
  • Morph
  • Rack
  • Price
  • Last feeding
  • Weight
  • Food
  • Chip number
  • Note
  • Feeding interval
  • Date of sale

​Tick   information you want on the Reptile list, and untick information unnecessary to you. 

Click update to apply changes.


​You can upload your personal logo through this menu. The logo will be shown in the upper right corner of your Sales cards.

Click the button to browse for the logo on your computer. Click update to complete the upload.

Sales Card

​Besides the logo above, you can also add your contact details to your Sales cards, the fields available are listed below. Type in your contact details and click the update button, your details will now automatically be filled in on your Sales cards.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Note

The email address that automatically appears on the sales cards is from the account menu.

QR Codes (PRO only)

QR Codes information is PRO only feature. it is used to edit the content of your QR codes. This feature is explained here

Clutches (PRO only)

Clutches is PRO only feature. it is used to edit the content of your clutch codes and due date interval. This feature is explained here.

Categories (PRO only)

Categories are a PRO only feature. It is used to set due date interval for clutches easily and quickly. This feature is explained here.


​This section is for managing your ads on the Reptile Scan Market.

You can add or remove your ads from the market using the or respectively. For a more in depth guide of how to add ads to the market, refer to our market guide.

​This section is also for editing your basic information on the market. The basic information is your, or your companies name and your country of residence. The information is necessary for relevant buyers to find you.

The information entered in the menu will be shown on your ad, as depicted below.

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