Edit account

​The Edit account menu is placed in the Account dropdown menu. The menu is used to edit your account information, including email, password and time zone.

This menu is used to edit your account information.


​You can change the email tied to the account. The email along with your password is required to log on your account, furthermore, should you forget your password it will be sent to this email.

To change your email, simply replace the current email with your new email and fill in the Current password field, click update to register the change.


​You can change the password tied to the account. Your password must be no less than 6 characters long.

To change your password, fill in the Password and Password confirmation with your new password, and the current password with your old password, click update to register the change.

Current password

​The Edit account menu allowss for change of crucial account information. To protect this information we require that you confirm your password to change any information in this menu.

Therefore you must fill in your this field with your current password when making a change in this menu.

Time zone

​You can change the time zone to reflect where you are located. This time zone is used to determine the date and time of action registrations through the app and the date on the interactive calendar on the website.

The time zones are listed as relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), furthermore noteable cities in the time zones are included.

You will find America in the -4 to -10 GMT range, Europe in the -1 to +2 GMT range, Asia in the +2 to +10 and Australia and New Zealand in the +10 to +12 range.

Pick the appropriate time zone from the drop down list and click update.

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