TIP1- Create More Reptiles


TIP 1: - How to Create more Reptiles in one Time.

​If you have many Reptiles you like to Create in the Reptile Scan - Tracking Program - you have a small TIP on how you can do this with a lot of time saved.

1: - Create of Clutch:

- First you Create a Clutch - with the number of snakes you will live to Create.

- To create a Clutch - you tab the Clutch Menu in the Top of the Page.

- In the Clutch Window - you tap the small "+" i the left top corner.

- In the New Clutch Window - You Chose - Live Born.

- Count - you but the no of snakes you like to Create.

- Then you Press "Create Clutch"

- And the Clutch is Made.​

​2: - Convert The Clutch to New Reptiles:

- Now you are ready to Convert your Clutch to Reptiles.

- Tap - Convert - For for the Clutch you just have created.

- Now you get all the Basic info you like to give all of the new Reptiles.

(You just type in the info that are necessary for all the snakes)

- Please remember to put in No of Males and Females.

- When this is done you press "Convert" - and all the New Reptiles are created.

- Press "Reptiles" in the Top Menu - and you will see all the new Reptiles.

- Now you need to go in to each reptiles - by Edit - and type in all the specific info for each reptile- also to

attached pictures of the snake.

- When all that is done - you can print out QR Codes - By pressing "QR Codes" or "QR Codes (label Printer)"

And print out all QR codes in one time.

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