Reptile Scan Market

The Reptile Scan Market is now open for business!

The Market is publicly accessible through

On the Market you can view all the reptiles Reptile Scan's users published for sale, and contact them directly.

Contents of the guide:

How it works

The market contains reptile sale ads by Reptile Scans users, however everyone can view the ads and contact the sellers.

When you've find an ad relevant to your interest, you can either click the Details or Contact button.


This shows the information the seller has filled in for the reptile.




Common name

The gender of the reptile, either male, female or unkown.

The morphology of reptile; this could be morphs such as pastel, piebald or localities as biak or wamena.

The price of the reptile, in the sellers chosen currency.

The common name of the reptile. It's manually filled in by the seller so it can be in any language.

​If you, as a seller want to change the above information in your ads the information is changed in the Add or edit a reptile menu. The currency is changed through the settings menu.


If you've found a reptile you're interested in, you can contact the seller using the contact button.

To contact the seller you will have to enter your name, e-mail address and your message. We will then send the message to the seller on your behalf, who then has the opportunity to contact you, using the e-mail address you've specificed.

This means that as a seller you should ensure the e-mail connected to your Reptile Scan is correct and check it frequently. You can check or change your e-mail in Edit account menu.


You can search the ads using a number of parametres, such as species, morph and which country the seller is based in. You have 2 search options, quick and advanced search.

​Quick search

​The quick search feature is located in the upper right corner of the website. It is used for quick and simple searches of the ads.

​To use the quick feature you simply click the field and type in your search criteria. The quick search will find all reptile for sale which have the search criteria listed as any of the following: morph, common name, species and scientific names. These are entered by the seller on the Add or edit a reptile menu.

Advanced search

If you can't find what you're looking for using the quick search, you can preform an advanced search. The advanced search menu is located just below the quick search menu, as depicted below.

You have several search criteria which you can fill out doing an advanced search, you can however leave any of the fields blank. You will find the following options:


Common name

Species name

​Scientific name

Seller country

Seller name

The morphology of reptile; this could be morphs such as pastel, piebald or localities as biak or wamena.

The common name for the reptile, such as ball python or green iguana.

The species of reptile, for example Pythonidae or Agamidae, or simply Python and Iguana.

The scientific name of the reptile, such as, Python regius or Iguana iguana.

The country of origin for the seller.

The name of the seller.

Keep in mind the all of the above fields are manually filled in by the users, and as such some variety will occur. Therefore you can may want to try some variations of the search.

If for example, you're looking for an ballpython, the seller could have entered the common name as "ball", "ballpython", "ballpython", "royal python" or even left the field blank and just entered "Python regius" as scientific name. 

Sellers can edit the information in the fields through the website. The morph, common name, species name and scientific name is changed through the Add or edit a reptile menu and the seller country and seller name through the market section of the settings menu.

Placing an ad on the market

Listing an ad is only available for Reptile Scan's users. Become a user by buying and downloading the app on your phone or tablet.

Reptile Scan users can list their reptile as for sale, and have an ad automatically entered on the Reptile Scan Market.

Your reptiles will automatically be added to the market when you change the status as for sale when the requirements below are met. Listing as for sale is done on the website, in the Add or edit reptile menu. When the reptile is listed as for sale a dollar sign, $, is displayed in front of the ID of the reptile on both the app and website.

Besides being listed as for sale, the reptile must have atleast one picture uploaded. This can be uploaded on either the website, through the Add or edit menu or using the Identify menu on the app.

Finally, your ads will not be added to market if you've clicked the Remove 'for sale' reptiles from market button on the market section of the settings menu. Clicking Publish all 'for sale' reptiles to market ​will ensure all reptiles meeting the above requirements are published to the market.

Removing reptiles from the market

​If you've sold your reptile, or decided not to sell, you can remove the reptile from the market in 2 ways.

You can remove a specific reptile from the market by ticking either For sale or Show on market to No in the status section of the Add or edit reptile menu.

Or can use the Remove 'for sale' reptiles from market in the settings menu. This will remove all reptiles you have listed as for sale from the market.

Adding a logo

​You can add your logo to your ads on the Reptile Scan market by uploading it to the website through the settings menu.

An example is shown below:

The logo has been uploaded to the settings menu, as explained here.

The logo is displayed on the ads automatically.

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