Your Feedback is very important for us, this helps us to get better. So Please if you have any new ideas or Feature you will like to get in the program, please let us know. Then we will try to build it in the program.

Also if you find a "BUG" or you find that the App / Webpage dont work on your Phone / Device please send us the info ASAP - so we can find the mistake and get it Solved as quick as possible.

To be able to locat the "BUG" you need to give us as detail information as possible this way we have a better chance to find the mistake.

We need following infomation:


- Info about your Device / Phone / iPad.

- Software Version on your device.

- Explanation on the "BUG" - Where you find the mistake.

- And if you can send us Screen Shots - it would be great.

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