​Print QR & EXPO Labels

​How to Print your Labels:

You can print your labels on all different Label printer or normal A4 printer. 

You just have to ajust the size of the QR / EXPO labels - so they fit the label you have in your printer.

The PDF file you get from www.ReptileScan.com have following sizes:

QR Code: 55x20mm

EXPO Label: 55x36mm​


If you print on a regular A4 printer - you can use following standard labels:

QR Codes - A4 Label sheet - with 24 labels size 63,5 x 33,9 - Avery L7159 -


EXPO Labels - A4 label sheet - with 18 labels size 63,5 x 46,6 - Avery L7162 - 


HOW TO PRINT ON A LABEL PRINTER - This is the most Flexible way to do it - (we Recommend to use a Lable Printer):

If you print on a label printer - like Brother, Zebra, Oki ect.

You can use all different sizes of lables - you just need to set it up in your printer settings.

But we can recommend following sizes:

QR Codes: Label Size (Brother - Standard) 62x29mm

EXPO Labels: Label Size (Brother - Standard) 62x40mm (You buy 62mm in 30M long)

If you take this product from Brother - DK44205 - 62mm paper tape White - one full of 30 meter - then you can in your printer settings set up your oven label size to 62x29 (QR) and 62x40 (EXPO)​

You can find Lable printes here:



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