​Do you find A BUG or Program Glitch - PLEASE let us know

​If you have a problem in your account of Reptile Scan - or if you find a BUG in the software - please let us know ASAP - then we are able to fix it - if you dont tell us, we maybe dont know about the problem.

You do following:

Use the feeback email - info@reptilescan.com.

And please let us know following:

User ID (Email)

Your Password

If the Issue is with a specific Reptile og Clutch please let US know the Snake ID or Clutch ID.

Step by Step on what you do to get the issue.

And if possible send us Screen Shots of the massage you get.

Some of the massage can look like this:

"We're sorry but something went wrong"

"The page you were looking for doesn't exist"

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