The quick shed menu is used to specifically register shedding.

Clicking the button will activate the QR scanner. Scan the QR code for the relevant reptile, and the shedding menu will open.

The shedding menu contains the following options:


Pick the appropriate shedding action. The list contains a variety of shedding options.

You can remove obsolete actions from the list on the website.

PRO members can also add custom options through the website.


Adjust the number of shedding actions, as appropriate. Use the “-“ and “+” buttons, or click the number to adjust it.

A count of “0” will still be registered as a shedding but without a numerical value


The notes field is for any information you feel is relevant to this action. It can be left blank.

Notes will only be visible on the website.

Click register after filling out the fields, or cancel to return to the main menu.

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