The actions menu is a combination of all the registration menus in the app, which means you can register breeding cycles, cleaning, defecation, feedings, medication, shedding, and ultrasounds all in one menu.

Opening the actions menu will activate the QR scanner. Scan the QR code for the relevant reptile, and the menu below will show:

In the registration sheet, you have the following options:


​Pick the appropriate action. The list contains a variety of prey items, and various other options such as cleaning and shedding.

You can remove obsolete actions from the list on the website.​

PRO users can also add custom options through the website.


​The size option is available if a prey item is chosen.

The list contains typical prey size, the weight of which can be defined on the website.


Adjust the number of actions, typically the number of prey items, as appropriate. Use the “-“ and “+” buttons, or click the number to adjust it.

A count of “0” will still be registered as an action but without a numerical value, this is meant for cleaning, shedding etc.


The notes field is for any information you feel is relevant to this action. It can be left blank.

Notes will only be visible on the website.

Click register to complete the action registration or cancel to return to the frontpage of the app.

Rack action registration

​You can also use the actions menu for rack registrations. Rack registrations are single registrations applied to all reptiles in a rack.

To use the bulk registration feature you will have to create a rack in the racks/cages menu on the website and then tie reptiles to the rack in the add or edit a reptile menu. We have an in depth walk through of this in the tips sections, here.

When  you've created a rack, and printed a rack label, you're ready to preform rack action registrations.

​As with single reptile registrations you scan the QR code, you will however be prompted to scan reptiles to exclude from the registration. This means that you can scan the QR code of single reptiles in the rack, which will not have the registration added to their data sheet, you will also be prompted the option to add a "Refused feed" action registration to their sheet instead.

You will now the same registration options as for single reptile registrations above, when completed the registration will be added to all reptiles in the rack except those scanned as excluded.

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